Waterbabies is designed in align with our local culture and focuses on the comfort and needs of parents and babies. It offers an environment that complements the discovery of all senses of 0-3-year-old infants where they can learn and enjoy. Our mission is to learn with your babies and grow together as a team with the right stepping stones.

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About us

Waterbabies offers swimming lessons by 0-5 baby and preschool certified teachers, water safety, sensory classes, play groups and baby SPA lessons. Waterbabies launched as the first and only in its field in Turkey with ozone pools and swimming lessons designed specifically to meet the needs for babies and children.


  • • Swimming and water safety trainings for children aged 0-5 years,
  • • For 0-3 year old babies, baby sensory workshops are held. The aim of these trainings and workshops is to create a unique experience for babies and their families.
  • • SPA floating is provided/offered for all babies between the ages of 0-9 months and it is aimed to give babies a calm and peaceful time.




Franchise System

Waterbabies is the first company in Turkey to provide water safety and swimming lessons in their own private pool for infants aged 0-5 and that also provides sensory training for children.

We are looking for entrepreneurs who:

  • • Share the same vision and mission,
  • • Support the development of children, abled to make the right connection with them and enjoy working with children,
  • • to provide entrepreneurs with the brand Waterbabies which values the importance of professionalism and quality to make infant swimming lessons accessible across Turkey.
  • • It allows investors to enjoy income in a stress-free environment.




Siteler mah. Mithat Paşa Cad No: 753 Daire: 9 Güzelbahçe / İzmir


0533 497 36 92

Franchise Telefon

0533 614 14 24

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